Edward Moody
Work Experience
Oak children's beds
Made to look kid friendly and live up to the knocks and wear and tear children inflict on furniture.
Divans and mahogany sled beds
I make them in a range of colours and styles and they are suitable for families big and small.
I was brought up in a family of furniture makers. When I was five yearls old, I remember, pestering my grandfather in his tool shed as he was working on his latest piece. Little did I realise I would too join him in this profession one day.


Hi. as you may have guessed, I'm Edward Moody! I have been making furniture for 20 years. But only recently have I discovered the joys of sourcing organic and sustainable wood. You can think of me as the ecological carpenter.
  • My furniture can be bought in major stores
  • You can also find an online catalog at Harrods
  • For those interested in bespoke furniture, email me!
  • This site is simple a showcase of my work, not a retail site.

I believe that wood is one of the most versatile and sustainable materials in the world, if treated right. I love wood, which is why I want to ensure its future as an abundant raw material. Raw material that is grown organically using natural methods as the earth intended. 

Most of the furniture on this site is made with English oak because it is one of the best woods to work with. I simply love the grain, the hardness and durability of this classic material. Most of the oak comes from sustainable forests here in the UK. For every tree cut down, another is planted. Young rees are never cut. This is how you build a sustainable forest the right way.

However, I do also import wood from Scandinavia- mostly Sweden. But I make sure this wood meets the same organic/sustainability standards as the wood I get here. That's beause, quite simply, the best wood makes the bed beds. I am the final object is timeless.
Eco-friendly design
It's good for the environment and its good for your home. Organic sustainable wood is the way to go.
I believe in organic wood material sourced from sustainable forest. All my furniture reflects my ethos in the fabric of their being.