Edward Moody Furniture Designer
I'm Edward Moody, furniture designer with more than 20 years experience building and designing all natural wood furniture . All my beds reflect my passion for nature and the wonderous materials it provides. I use the following wood for my furniture:
  • Ash
  • Cedar
  • Oak
  • Sandalwood

All the material is sourced from organically grown sustainable forests. Primarily this is British wood as well as some imports.
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3D Printin A Bed
New advances in 3 axis sculpting and what it means
In this video we see just exactly what we can do with the latest 3D printing technology. We can create ornate furniture items that are surely going to get everyone's attention. Best of all, you can share designs with other carpeneters and instantly carver your own masterpieces. This technology will soon be available freely.

Custom Quality Beds 

One device which works with the Echo is the Philips Hue Lights , and you may wonder why you may want this at first. This lighting system’s most famous attribute is how you can change colors to suit your mood with the touch of your smartphone, or by talking to your Echo.
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The Echo functions as a personal assistant, and Amazon is constantly working on new features to add onto it. As of today, the Echo can sync with smart home devices, play music in your queen size beds, read audio books, make phone calls, order an Uber or pizza, and countless other uses. Until true AI is developed, it may be the closest we get to a robot butler for a while.